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A complete range of stacker trucks, enabling your operators to deliver the productivity your warehouse demands.

Perfectly suited to work in retail, distribution and manufacturing, Cat® Lift Trucks' comprehensive range of robust electric pallet stacker trucks is built around powerful, programmable AC motors and can match almost any storage and retrieval application in your warehouse. You’ll benefit from the pallet stacker trucks’ excellent traction and ramp performance even when fully loaded, their relatively low energy consumption and the fact that they are virtually maintenance free.

The benefits of a Cat® stacker

Designed for stacking pallets up to 7.0 metres and for horizontal transport over both short and long distances, our pallet stackers include pedestrian, platform, stand-in and sit-on models, available with a wide variety of masts and with nominal capacities from 1.0 to 2.0 tonnes.

The range includes straddle models for handling wide loads, closed pallets and other load carriers. There are also initial lift models with greater ground clearance. These allow for operation on ramps and uneven surfaces (optional), as well as enabling handling of two pallets simultaneously.

Cat® electric pallet stackers can be tailored to meet your application’s requirements, using programmable electronic controllers. For example, travel speed, acceleration, lift and lowering speeds can be set for the safe handling of fragile loads. With cold storage modifications also available on selected models, these pallet stackers can meet the challenges of a wide range of stacking tasks. Additionally, the chassis design aids stability within a compact footprint, offering effortless manoeuvrability in tight spaces and over short or long distances.

Our pallet stacker range has been designed for easy maintenance and servicing. The stackers benefit from easily opened panels and covers, for quick service access to all components. Although the AC motors are virtually maintenance free, built-in diagnostics monitor the electric pallet stacker’s performance to minimise essential servicing downtime. Battery exchange is also quick and easy, using standard battery rollers to maintain high shift productivity.

Cat pallet stacker trucks are available with specially developed, energy-efficient, long-life, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to work flawlessly in any operation, day and night, needing only brief opportunity charging during breaks. With up to 30% lower energy consumption from the grid compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, they reduce carbon footprint and save on electricity costs. In addition, no downtime for maintenance or battery exchanges is required, making Li-ion batteries the modern and most cost-efficient choice.

Our pallet stacker range:

Pedestrian stackers

The Cat pedestrian pallet stackers are designed for short shuttle applications and stacking up to 5.4 metres high. The NSP10-16N3/12N2C range of pedestrian stacker trucks incorporates all the latest technology to provide a reliable and productive handling workhorse for any warehouse. Robust, comfortable, easy to maintain and with low running costs, these stackers offer extra load stability. This is afforded by the height-adjustable castor wheel and high- strength masts, as well as class-leading load deration capacity thanks to the optional side stabilisers. The latest addition to the range is a powerful, and space-saving, highly compact pedestrian stacker, the NSP12N2C.

Platform stackers

Our platform stackers are built for stacking up to 5.4 metres and for horizontal transport over all distances. These versatile trucks can be used in pedestrian or ride-on mode, with a platform which folds flat against the chassis – to save space – when not needed. They are adaptable to a diversity of applications in narrow spaces, including occasional order picking. The range offers a choice from 1.0 up to 1.6 tonne capacities, as well as initial lift (optional) and wide straddle models (optional).

Stand-in stackers

These compact and versatile stand-in stackers can stack up to 7.0 metres and are efficiently designed and equipped for fast internal transport over both short and long distances. They can also be used for order picking, thanks largely to their quick manoeuvring and easy on-off access. Cat stand-in stackers offer a smart and cost-saving alternative to platform stacker trucks. By boosting productivity, lowering fleet and labour costs, increasing your storage density, and hence lowering your cost per pallet position, theysubstantially reduce your TCO (total cost of operation). Operators can carry out every task more rapidly, confidently and safely. In addition to ‘standard’ models, there are initial lift (I) models with even greater ground clearance for workplaces with ramps and uneven floors.

Sit-on stackers

Our cost-effective and flexible sit-on stackers will help to drive up your productivity and drive down your costs. Their ergonomic and comfortable design is ideal for intensive stacking and internal transport – even over the longest distances and shifts. Stacking up to 7.0 metres, and manoeuvring quickly in small spaces, they enable increased storage densities and faster operations. You can consider them as a more compact and quicker solution than a platform stacker. In many applications they can provide similar performance and productivity to a reach truck, but as a more compact and lower-cost alternative.